Bring a brand new element to your Sublimation printing
Fluorescent colours are bold and distinct, unique and memorable

Fluorescent colours use a larger amount of both the visible spectrum and the lower wavelengths compared to conventional colours.

Where a clean, bright conventional colour is able to reflect a maximum of 90% of a colour present in the spectrum, a fluorescent colour can reflect as much as 200% to 300%.


Colorants are made with user-friendly materials that eliminate chemicals of concern without compromising performance.

Turn ordinary colours into extraordinary sublimation with this bright idea

Examples of fluorescent color in sports garments.

use fluorescent colours as the highlight

Whatever you're looking for, the only limit is your imagination! contact us for more info.

Fluorescent Sublimation Ink

It comes in two colours Magenta and Yellow. Since there is no Cyan and Black fluorescent ink, it can only be realized in colours with a high proportion of Magenta and Yellow. For more colours please contact us.

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    I very nice colors!!!
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  • 게시일 ~에 의해 Semere
    Blis les go

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