XTeamwear exquisite craftsmanship

Whether it is personalized custom Custom Team Sports Shirts, or other backpacks, socks,XTeamwear unique customization service can supply customers with tailor-made clothing ,all reflect the heritage of XTeamwear exquisite craftsmanship.

Accordingto high technological capabilities every piece of clothing we produce is printed is cut from a selection of special materials and transferred to the fabric using a high temperature and high pressure press.We can use embroidery and sublimation printing to print the  pattern, which not only makes the clothes more advanced, but also makes it stronger and more resilient.

We can also use embroidery to make badges, first print your team's badge on special materials, and then use our advanced machine to press the badge on the clothes through our high temperature and high pressure.  More importantly,  Through the rapid operation of high-tech equipment, while ensuring the printing quality, we can meet a large number of orders,which can ensure that you can receive customized team clothing in time. We can customize the logo of your team in different places based on your requirements, and can also print any patterns you want on backpacks, socks, etc.

At the same time, our clothing material is safe and comfortable, and has no friction on your skin. It is woven from 93% percent polyester and 8% spandex. This material is not only a soft, breathable and quick-drying material, but also more elastic to ensure your The team can move freely while working.

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