Fashion: Zebra Print Pattern

The animals in nature can always bring infinite inspiration to designers. The gentle and eye-catching zebra pattern is a novel animal pattern. Zebra pattern is an element that has always stood at the peak of fashion. When applied to clothing design, it can extend to infinite changes. It can not only show noble temperament, but also create a powerful aura.

The animal pattern is full of aura. The fatter you wear it, the thinner you wear it. Of course, the higher you wear it, the more elegant you look. The zebra pattern is not wild like other animal patterns. The simple black and white combination is more elegant. Zebra pattern belongs to a kind of animal printing, which is widely used in fabric, clothing, home, interior design, graphic design and other fields. Compared with tiger and leopard patterns, python patterns and crocodile patterns, zebra patterns have their own characteristics. These characteristics are also closely related to the history of zebra stripes on the fashion stage.


Stripe printing has evolved from classical to modern, and from religion and badges to cheerful and relaxed elements. The pattern of herbivores, compared with that of carnivores, is less fierce and aggressive, and lighter and more easy-going. Among all the animal prints, the zebra pattern, which is similar to stripes, not only represents the modern simple style, but also leads the fashion trend in the city.


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