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In history, the main colors of the jerseys of the Japanese national men's football team were mostly blue and white. The answer given by the football association about the jerseys of the Japanese team was the sea and sky blue, which symbolized Japan's territory.

The early Japanese football team was basically composed of football teams from various universities. At the Far East Games in 1917, the team uniform of the Japanese team was the tan uniform of normal colleges and universities.

In the Far East Games in 1930, for the first time, the team was not a representative team of a university but selected excellent players from the university to form a team. Because the majority of members from Tokyo University at that time, the blue team uniform of Tokyo University was used to play.

In 1988, the color of the jersey was briefly changed to red and white. After 1992, it changed back to blue and white.

The keynote was changed for the first time. In 2015, the home and away jerseys of Yugong team of Sri Lanka Japan and Japan Football Association for the 2016-2017 season were changed. The theme of the home jersey is "harmonious blue (blue ⑦" harmony ")". The blue of the main body of the jersey is more profound than the previous team uniforms. The horizontal stripes on the front represent 11 players on the football field. Each player with different personalities forms a united whole and crosses the red line representing all the away jerseys of the Japanese team. The theme of the jersey is "personality", which continues the theme of Japan "The tradition of white away jerseys. The unique patterns on the jerseys represent the brilliance of diamonds and symbolize the intense and shining personalities of the 11 players.

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