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It is a pattern commonly seen on Indian characteristic fabrics. The flower shaped round head melon has a small tail. It looks simple and cautious, very neutral. It was originally the shape of a flower. After hundreds of years of continuous evolution, it became a shape similar to a giant comma.
Paisley Pattern first came from another ancient country - Babylon, Cuba. Later, it was introduced into Kashmir, India, and became popular in India. In the 19th century, there was a small town in western Scotland, paisley, which was once the world's largest producer of printed and dyed cotton and wool fabrics and has always been famous for its textiles. The local handicraftsmen applied this whirlwind pattern to the extreme. The patterns similar to paramecium were matched with bodhi leaves or dates leaves, which were extremely exaggerated and changeable. The beauty of cashew flowers filled with exotic customs conquered the whole Europe. The high-class dignitaries loved the fabrics with this pattern, and from then on, they called a city -- Paisley. Paisley patterns were popular all over the world.


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