Fashion: Buffalo-Plaid-Panel

Among the grid stripes we are familiar with, the red and black grid is a classic match. There are two views on how the buffalo grid became popular. One is that in 1850, Woolrich Company, located in Pennsylvania, began to sell red and black checked jackets designed by its founder, John Ritchie.
At that time, the Pennsylvania lumbering industry was prosperous. The founder Ricky personally went to sell among lumberjacks, and the jacket became popular from then on. The name of the grid, according to Ricky, comes from a group of buffaloes he raised.
Another is from the Scots. With the rise of the empire that never sets, there are more American continents on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Many Scots have also come to this new world, bringing their tribal symbols.
One of them, Big Jock McCluskey, quickly became one with the Native Indians. He exchanged wool blankets printed and dyed with his tribal squares, which were red and black.
Maclaskie always carried a group of buffalo with him when he was trading. From then on, his tribal grid became popular in the New World and was named "Buffalo Plaid/Buffalo Grid".

Croatia announced the home and away jerseys for the team to participate in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The jerseys still use the previous classic grid design, and the home jerseys are mainly red and white. The away kit is mainly blue.

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