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2022 World Cup Soccer Jersey Fashion Trends

The Fashion Trend of French's National Team 2022 World Cup Jerseys

2022 World Cup Mexico Soccer Jerseys Fashion Trend

Argentina Football Team Jersey Fashion Trends for the 2022 World Cup

German Soccer Team Jersey Fashion Trends for the 2022 World Cup

US Soccer Team Jerseys Fashion Trends for the 2022 World Cup

What are the requirements for FIFA World Cup jersey design?

1. Font line width limit

Limit the font size of team member number. FIFA carefully specified that the line width of numbering font should be between 3 and 5 cm, which is not in accordance with the rules.

2. Non athletes' clothing

The regulated objects include not only athletes: all coaches, substitutes, etc. can wear long sleeved sportswear with brand trademarks. It should be noted that if a trademark appears behind the neck, it must be centered. If the trademark appears on both sides of the sportswear (Adidas' three bar logo), it cannot be wider than 8 cm.

3. Color matching

FIFA stipulates that all team uniforms can only appear in four colors at most, one of which must be the main color. Reflective or discolored fabrics shall not be used.

4. Sponsor trademark requirements

Compared with other popular sports, football match is the most intensive event where trademarks appear. But the World Cup is only open to designated trademarks. Although sponsors sponsor a team, they are also willing to comply with FIFA's wonderful requirements for font size and trademark location, which does not mean they have the right to dictate the team's uniforms. All team uniforms can only be printed with the trademark version specified by FIFA.

5. Shoulder logo

During the World Cup, thousands of cameras will shoot in all directions, which is a good time for sponsors. FIFA also needs to pay close attention to the publicity effect. The brand trademark of sportswear usually appears on the shoulder, because it is easy to be captured by the camera hanging in the middle of the sky. However, FIFA requires that the width of the trademark should not exceed 8 cm, and that it should be centered so that it presents a symmetrical effect in the upper lens.

6. Do football players have the opportunity to wear hats?

Although there are few opportunities to wear hats in football matches, FIFA has made special provisions on this, requiring that the size of the trademark on the hat should not exceed 50 square centimeters.
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